IV hydration allows vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to be 100% absorbed by your body versus 25% when taken orally. Hydration therapy ensures your body is fully hydrated, allowing it to detoxify itself.

myers' cocktail

Reverses fatigue

Reduces acute muscle spasms

Treats signs of stress and anxiety

Relief of sinus pain and seasonal allergies

Relief of pain from migraines and headaches

Restores fluid balance

Reduces acidity in the body

Replenishes essential electrolytes  

Ultimate detoxification by flushing out all systems of the body


drip menu



immunity booster

Antioxidant therapy

Restores fluid balance

Replenishes essential electrolytes

Allows for quicker recovery from illness


hangover reversal

Headache relief

Detoxify the liver

Get rid of nausea Replenish essential electrolytes 



Restores fluid balance

Reduced pain from arthritis

Reduced pain in injured areas

Replenishes essential electrolytes

Solution decreases inflammation throughout the body


custom drip

Request a tailored drip specifically for your needs

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